A transformational work of philosophical fiction, 5am eternal is a personal take on ‘life the universe and everything’ threaded through a story of apparently lost love and faithfully lived dreams in the search for resolution.

Happily married with a desirable home and enviable career Jane is nevertheless clearly unfulfilled, although she is unable to admit this to herself. Her loving husband is sensitive to her needs and so decides to set her free in order for her to rediscover her innermost truth and authentic path. Unable to reach the teenage love of her life, who she has long since let go, Jane resolves to live out his historical dream in the hope she may then find him in that ethereal world, if not this. Meanwhile Sam, a phenomenally gifted and highly successful computer professional, who amongst other things has discovered time's illusive secret, waits patiently for her as he painfully day-dreams his lonely life away.

Other key characters in this tightly twisted tale play out the various roles of an intensely interwoven emotional rollercoaster; as only time can respectfully tell.

And then there’s the malevolent motorcycle named ‘Bitch’.

Ultimately, all is but one...